What I’d do if I was returning to my corporate career

Business women chatting

A memory from last year flashed up on my phone recently: At the time, I was juggling a full time corporate role, The Women’s Vault (11 clients and my online course) and my family.

And it got me thinking… what would I do differently if I returned to the corporate world? 

I know it’s long so pour yourself a herbal tea and get comfy.

  1. I’d take control of my Imposter who made me compare myself to others and feel like I was never good enough.

    I punished myself by going over and over situations when I made a mistake. This vicious self-criticism held me back in so many ways – I had good ideas, worked on them, but rarely let them see the light of day.

    75% of women suffer from Imposter Syndrome – does it affect you too? My own ‘comparisonitis’ inspired my Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome courseWhen you have confidence, it greatly benefits your life and work; or it will be the biggest thing that holds you back. There are many things you can do and it starts with shifting your self beliefs.
  2. I’d let go of my superwoman tendencies. I feel good when I’m juggling LOTS of balls. So I would start off a new job by not.offering to.do.all.the.things. Cue next point.
  3. I’d set boundaries around my desire to please others. I have long held onto the narrative that the nature of my job – working with CEOs – means that I always have to be available. I have learned to set boundaries and be assertive. It has preserved not only my energy, but also my creativity and my top strength, strategy. I can’t use these strengths when I’m burnt out. The Live Boundary Setting Workshop with case studies and scripts of what to say takes place on 24 January – it’s the first Workshop of 2023!
  4. I’d take control of my Mum Guilt. I’ve cried countless times on trains, in work toilets, and to my Manager about feeling torn when I left George screaming at nursery drop-off. From my poll with 1,000 women this year, I know that 90% of women experience Mum Guilt too. Tips for less Mum Guilt here and there’s a deep dive in The Toolkit (which is frequently updated). 
  5. I’d take note of carer’s leave and flexible work policies to help me juggle being a working parent and connect with other working parents. I really miss being a part of these networks. So I’m creating quarterly community Q&A calls for those in The Working Mum’s Toolkit in 2023 – more to come. 
  6. I’d create a legacy project as a reflection of my Personal Brand. I delivered a big project that’s part of my “legacy” (it led to industry change) but I missed the opportunity to write/publish anything meaningful about it – bummer. This is one of my goals next year – to write an in-depth paper or ebook. This is what I used to do for Executives and I’m swallowing my “what if no-one buys it or is interested” Imposter thoughts. Gulp!
  7. I’d enlist a coach as part of my training and development budget. I know the impact coaching has for my clients and myself when I’m being coached.
  8. I’d take control of my diary – I did this when I compressed my hours, but not enough. I’d take a meeting free day for deep, impactful work. 

Let’s work together in 2023 – here’s how:

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