The Results So Far- What my Clients have Achieved

Photo of a female lawyer

At The Women’s Vault I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing women (and men!) from all kinds of backgrounds, mothers and professionals, lawyers, managers, teachers, creative directors, engineers and writers. One thing that unites us all is the desire to succeed in careers and at home, which is why its so wonderful to hear about how they’ve come so far.

Below, I’ve collated some of the stories from my clients as case studies, showing the amazing changes they’ve made.

She’s an effective, efficient employee and a happier Mum with excellent skills in negotiation.

She owned the room, victorious on being appointed Partner in her law firm after an excellent presentation.

She’s already received a promotion and is continuing to accelerate her career, with boundaries securing fantastic balance at home.

She has more confidence than ever before, has overcome ‘comparisonitis’ and is on the path to a senior leader with so much happiness at home.

She’s chic, successful, with an aspirational work wardrobe and a clear direction to her goal as Partner in her law firm.

I know that when I read through these and when I hear the stories from the clients that come to me, so many of these feeling resonate with me, whether its anxiety for major life changes, worry about juggling work/life balance, uncertainty around your identity, or frustration at being unable to negotiate or present yourself in the best possible way for your career. That’s why its so important to remember, there is help out there. You can overcome those negative feelings and fill your life with success, just like these wonderful women have.

If you’re interested in more about the courses mentioned within the case studies, I’ve linked to some of the self-improvement classes offered online below and of course if you’re interested in one-to-one or group coaching with me, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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