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I have just secured a new role that puts me on a path towards being a senior leader. I couldn't have done it if The Women's Vault hadn't tee'd me up to the challenge & articulate my brand and aspirations so clearly.

Olivia helped reignite a fire in my belly after motherhood knocked me for six. I've never known myself have this level of inner confidence.

Katie, Director - Asset Management Firm

Enlisting Olivia's help has been the best investment in my career, even after our first 1:1 coaching session I came away so happy and confident that I was going to be able to deliver.

By the time it came to the presentation, I walked into the room - to present my case to become Partner in my Law Firm - feeling calm and confident, able to deliver a presentation I never dreamed it was possible.

Client, Now a Partner at a Major Law Firm

After Olivia's 1:1 coaching I felt calm, confident and in control in my conversation. So much so that I am returning to a new position with more responsibility, on a high-profile project. Without taking time to consider what I wanted and how to get it, I could easily have been too daunted and taken the 'safe' option of returning to my existing position.

I also recommend Olivia's Return to Work with Confidence Program. It helps get you thinking about the practicalities of returning to work and how to apply them to your life.

Alana, Marketing Manager at a Software Company

Since completing the Compressed Work Week Program, I've found that the happiness and joy of being able to spend more time at home have spilled over into my work, helping me be more focussed and productive.

Before I wasn't sure how to manage work or life in order to deliver on both fronts within flexible hours. Olivia helped me focus on my priorities, acknowledge my boundaries and implement better productivity practices. I also enjoyed meeting similarly ambitious other. It was such a relief to be able to speak freely about the challenges.

Dominique, Senior Financial Advisor at an Energy Company

I worked with Olivia in 1:1 sessions, 'Confidence & Resilience' coaching, after having a bit of trouble adjusting back to working 4 days a week after maternity leave and then adjusting again to work from home due to COVID.

Olivia provided me with helpful strategies, advice and tools that accelerated my confidence and performance at work which is now paying dividends. Huge thank you Olivia I couldn't have done it without you.

Rhiannon, Marketing Manager at Top Financial Institution

Before I was anxious about going back to work. During 1:1 sessions with Olivia, we worked on negotiation skills, time management and confidence. As a result I negotiated a return on terms that suited me and am confident to continue excelling in my career.

I would also highly recommend the return to work with confidence program to not only mothers but anyone trying to juggle both career and home life. Since being back at work through the techniques and practices I learnt I'm able to be be productive during work hours and switch off to enjoy time with my son.

Melissa, Marketing manager at Samsung

Olivia is well-read and the Return to Work with Confidence course is accessible and engaging, it's made me more confident, positive and prepared.

I found the course so useful I decided to work with Olivia for 1:1 coaching, a great investment which I hope will lead to bigger and better career opportunities and being the relaxed, calm Mum I want to be. Thanks to the course and Olivia's coaching I'm feeling really positive about starting back at work full time, managing the juggle and accelerating my career.

Sam, Lawyer at Amazon

"I took part in the Negotiation Masterclass and Compressed Work Week program, I have applied many of the tips and strategies in my personal and professional life. I’m more efficient at work and more present at home. I definitely recommend working with Olivia and taking her masterclasses and programmes. She is friendly, personable and has a real passion for helping women get the best out of their time!"


"I have just completed the Compressed Work Week program with Olivia and it is hands down the best thing I have done for myself and my career development in years. Olivia delivers excellent insight into returning to work for mums and how to successfully achieve flexible options even in senior positions, drawing on her own and other experiences to deliver a well rounded programme. Thankyou Olivia!"


"Olivia's Productivity masterclass is fabulous. Home school, lockdown and working life has taught me some bad habits - working late in particular. I attended the masterclass to help get back into a new rhythm and working schedule and to refocus on what is important. I picked up some great tips from the masterclass and look forward to focusing better on the big ticket items and finding a little more time for myself."


"I attended the Negotiation Skills Masterclass, which I found very interesting and good to share experiences with others. I used the tools to successfully negotiate a flexible work arrangement that suits me, meaning I have valuable time with my son, work/life balance and still progress my career. I have since taken a productivity masterclass and enrolled in the Return to Work with Confidence programme for support in what has been a very challenging year for me. I absolutely 100% recommend taking the master classes, and following The Women’s Vault in general."

Sarah, Director at Nene Valley Heritage Railwa

"I felt apprehensive about returning to work. I had confidence and worried about leaving my twins in childcare. I had thought about logistics but not the mental, emotional and physical preparation. It's been great to meet like-minded women in the same situation through the Return to Work program, I have felt less alone and so much solidarity. Since returning, I have renewed confidence leading my team and have loved using my personal brand statement which enabled me to have positive, forward-looking conversations with my team and colleagues."

Tina, Head of Finance

"After 28 job application rejections, I decided to do the Blueprint with Olivia, what else did I have to lose? I was struggling to transition from project management to a role in diversity & inclusion and fully own my extensive experience and transferable skills, and needed help with identifying the value I could bring to a new role or organisation. Olivia not only helped me to realise just how much of a “powerhouse” I was, but also helped me nail measurable soundbites to communicate my effectiveness to prospective employers, thereby helping me to secure a role I originally thought was completely out of my reach. I landed my dream job straight after doing the Blueprint with Olivia and whatsmore, will be heading back to Ireland to have valuable time with my family!"

Client, 1:1 Coaching, Personal Brand Blueprint & Interview Skills
Workshops have been delivered to the following companies in the UK and Australia
And the feedback from these businesses has been fantastic…

"ISE Partners began working with Olivia/The Women’s Vault to provide a series of seven Masterclasses to to our client and candidate network on topics related to career development, work/life balance and other challenges presented through being in lockdown. Olivia is an expert presenter, her content is always engaging and what's more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety in her Masterclasses, where audience members feel happy to share thoughts and questions with strangers all of which have combined to make the sessions so useful for our attendees. We look forward to continuing what has been a welcome partnership with The Women’s Vault."

Eva Rode-Hilbert, Director, ISE Partners

"As a member of the People Ops team, employee wellness is an important aspect of the overall employee experience that we look into. Olivia’s workshop laid emphasis on the need to rest well and balance work with personal space, especially now that we’re working from home. The recommendations and tips she shared were so relatable and relevant. I think the session also allowed employees to see that they are not alone and there are others facing similar challenges."

Prajeetha Prasad, Director of People Operations, ThoughtSpot

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