Signature Litigation partners with The Women’s Vault to Support Returning Employees

Returning employees to work

Signature Litigation and The Women’s Vault are commencing a trial partnership to provide return-to-work coaching for employees returning from a period of absence such as maternity leave, parental leave and sick leave commencing in November 2021.

Signature Litigation is a specialist law firm handling major and complex litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations. Employees will immediately benefit from the return-to-work programme, as endorsed by CEO Kevin Munslow. 

Olivia Bath – Founder of The Women’s Vault – will offer one-to-one sessions to these returners, which will focus on increasing confidence: 56% of men feel anxious about returning to the workplace after parental leave and less than one in five women feel confident following maternity leave, while 79% of women report lacking confidence in the workplace. The Covid pandemic has exacerbated confidence issues, with many finding it more challenging than ever to return to offices and have work/life balance.

Recent research by Working Families showed that 30% of men and 41% of women felt that they were held back from promotion due to being a parent and having caring responsibilities – schemes like this not only support mothers, fathers, carers and employees who have been out of the office due to sickness, but to also nurture and develop their careers in a way that has not typically been prevalent in workplace culture. 

Becca Hogan, Partner, says: “Returning to work after a period of absence can be daunting. We are therefore delighted to offer this support to members of the firm, which aims to give members the confidence and tools they need to equip them for that transition.”

Kiki Lee, Head of HR, adds: “Our firm is based on meritocracy and equal opportunities, and it is important that all our staff feel equipped to excel within our workplace. We are excited to be working with Olivia Bath to offer return to work coaching for all our staff who have been out of the office for a period of time and to help them reach their full potential at Signature Litigation.”  

“I am honoured to be offered this opportunity. There are a multitude of long and short benefits for both the employer and employee through investing in return-to-work coaching. My ambition is to help Signature’s returners to gain even more confidence and clarity in themselves and their career and in doing so, have a positive effect on their home life and work life. I also hope this inspires more organisations to support their returners”, stated Olivia Bath, Founder of The Womens Vault. 

Olivia has previously worked with a senior member of Signature Litigation team on presentation skills and impactful key message delivery as part of their career progression.

About Signature Litigation

Signature Litigation is a specialist law firm handling major and complex litigation, arbitration and regulatory investigations. Headquartered in London and with offices in Paris and Gibraltar, the firm was founded to meet the increased demand for highly experienced commercial disputes advice and support in complex cases, where the dedication of a niche specialist firm yields results.

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