Seven Tips To Boost Productivity

I recently created a blog post for on the topic of productivity. See an extract below, which I hope may help anyone looking for a productivity boost.

Are you as productive as you can be, or do you find you waste time becoming distracted or jumping between tasks? Productivity can prove particularly challenging as many of us continue home working, and look for ways to transition to a work headspace simply by switching between rooms or into a desk space. Consider following these tips to power up your productivity, feel more focused and use your time better. 

Here are 7 key things that you can do to improve your productivity:

1. Seek clarity around your role and responsibilities. Know the big-ticket items you need to focus on. 

2. Ditch bad working habits and distractions: turn off notifications, work in batches, create templates. 

3. Declutter your inbox and consider a social media clean up - unfollow any accounts that aren’t positive influences for you.

4. Delegate individual tasks which are swamping you, so you can focus on the important outcomes that align with the company vision.

5. Learn to effectively communicate expectations and set boundaries with others to allow for deep thinking time. 

6. Save your energy: stop spending so much time in meetings, on phone calls and away from your key tasks. Save your processing power for high-productivity work.

7. Assess your health: are you getting enough Vitamin D? It’s important to get out and get some sunshine. Make time for exercise - it’s amazing the energy you can produce by tiring yourself out physically. Check your diet - stock up on healthy favourites such as leafy greens and good fats.

Looking for more help? My Productivity Masterclass may be what you need to increase your productivity skills. Full of helpful hacks and discussion around common professional problems. Gain time and clarity on “big ticket” items in your personal and professional life.

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When you don’t want to do a full course and you just want support on one key area, then choose one of the three Masterclasses below. 
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  • Productivity: how to increase your productivity skills, resulting in more balance and enabling you to use your time better. Including: how to free up your headspace to work more productively; mastering efficiency, effectiveness and essentialism; how to get clarity on priorities and focus on big-ticket items.
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