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Accelerate your career and gain work/life balance

You can be a part of The Women’s Vault at any stage of your career
The Women's Vault is here to help you be at your best.
To be the most confident you've ever been, with an inner strength, clarity and focus that ensures you can achieve your goals and find time for quality homelife. From bespoke 1-1 coaching, group workshops/masterclasses and online self paced Masterclassses programmes, find the support you need and go get that thing you're striving for.

The Working Mums Toolkit

Balance, Boundaries and Confidence

  • Tired of being tired, overwhelmed and the relentlessness of work and raising a family? Anxious about returning to work after maternity leave?
  • Learn how to set boundaries (even if you’re a people pleaser), have balance, be highly productive and be more confident than ever before
  • Avoid common pitfalls: working mothers are burnt out, their careers are sidelined and pay rises are a thing of the past (the stats in my blog tell it all)
  • This flagship course is designed for busy working Mums like you: Mini lessons of 7-30mins to listen or watch on the go with over 30 resources for you to pick and choose from including Q&As from you.
  • If you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back + the gift of a personalised coaching session with me, valued at £250

Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome

Stop the Imposter. Start the Confidence

  • Do you avoid speaking up in meetings for fear you won't sound knowledgeable? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and always seeking feedback and validation? Do you never feel “good enough”? If any of these ring true, it’s Imposter Syndrome is damaging your confidence and filling you with self-doubt.
  • Get ready to feel confident, overcome the comparison game with my tips and tools. Accelerate your career, be inspired and empowered.
  • This four-week course is modelled on my 7 Step "Overcome your Imposter" Framework that I use with my clients and has achieved outstanding results, including pay rises, promotions and achieving dream jobs. 
  • It is a self-paced course - designed to be one lesson per week over 4 weeks. Or another popular option is one lesson every two weeks - it's really up to you!
  • Course bonuses alone are worth £350. Moneyback guarantee.


When you don’t want to do a full course and you just want support on one key area, then choose one of the three Masterclasses below. 
  • Personal Branding: Be more confident and gain clarity on your strengths. Develop your Personal Brand in a way that's genuine, authentic and memorable, not arrogant. Women who have completed this class have achieved promotions, new jobs and pay rises. 
  • Productivity: how to increase your productivity skills, resulting in more balance and enabling you to use your time better. Including: how to free up your headspace to work more productively; mastering efficiency, effectiveness and essentialism; how to get clarity on priorities and focus on big-ticket items.
  • Negotiation: Are you tired of being overlooked for a payrise and know that you are worth more? You’ve seen similar jobs advertised online, but want to get paid more at your company. You’re stuck in the conundrum of leaving your job and being paid more, but you love your job and want to stay! Take this Negotiation Masterclass with the tools and strategies to help you to feel confident in negotiating and securing an increase in your salary.