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Enable more women into leadership
The Women's Vault can help you to enhance your employees' capabilities and wellbeing, including complementing existing programs
I also provide advisory services on flexible work with a specialism in Compressed Work Weeks.
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Women in leadership and return to work programmes

Having worked with hundreds of women around the world, including in male dominated industries (Banking & Finance, Mining, Commercial Real Estate and Law), I know what type of support women need to take on and succeed in leadership roles. 

My women in leadership and return to work programmes include holistic, ‘mind and body’ support with outstanding results reported.

Programmes range from 2hr workshops through to 12 month programs.

Employee Wellbeing programs

I also work with businesses to support their employees wellbeing, from workshops on ‘Parenting in the Pandemic’ to ‘Confidence and Resilience’ and ‘Presentation Skills’, which can be delivered via Zoom. 

These workshops are designed for all employees. Bespoke programs available upon request.

Flexible Work Consulting services

The world of work has changed, with this shift increasing in this past year. I specialise in Compressed Work Weeks, having done it myself when I returned from maternity leave in 2019 and now offer free resources and tools to employees who want to do it. I have a group coaching program to help employees to adjust to this new way of working.

Workshops have been delivered to the following companies in the UK and Australia
Support your most important asset: your employees
  • Improve employee morale
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce turnover, absenteeism
  • Improve your company’s reputation with stakeholders: Employees, potential employees, Shareholders and the Public.

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