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Help your employees to overcome the internal and external barriers that may be holding them back: including confidence, personal branding, and helping more women into leadership roles

How I can support your employees

Supporting your female employees

Having worked with hundreds of women around the world, often in male-dominated industries (banking/finance, mining, commercial real estate, law), I know the type of support women need to progress and succeed in leadership roles.

There are three ways I can work with employers to help support their female employees:

  • Courses: My Career Acceleration and Return-to-Work programmes help women to overcome common workplace challenges, from improving their confidence, to enhancing skills such as presenting, engaging stakeholders or thinking more strategically. It also includes video content on preparing to return to work such as using KiT Days and how to cope with sick children and a full workload. These are digital courses of video content with worksheets and checklists that can be accessed anytime, anywhere along with a supportive community. This is a popular, low-cost investment option. More information below.
  • One-to-one coaching: I offer coaching services to businesses and can work with your company to create bespoke packages to suit the needs of your employees (including special prices for coaching multiple women). As an unbiased sounding board, I can help you retain female talent in your business by offering them the support they need for career progression and to help them tackle the challenges they may be facing (and could be too nervous to raise with managers or colleagues).
  • Returner Programmes: I can create return-to-work coaching programmes to support employees returning from career breaks, parental leave or sick leave. I recently partnered with Signature Litigation on a bespoke package of one-to-one coaching for returners, focusing on increasing confidence.

Career Acceleration Programme

If you’re looking for a way to support the women in your business, and encourage more of them into senior roles (or perhaps offer guidance to those already in leadership positions), then this programme could be beneficial to many within your company. This is a digital course that can be completed by watching video lessons at the participant’s own pace (with the option to listen to them, like a podcast). Topics covered include:

  • How to increase confidence
  • How to build your personal brand
  • Presentation skills and how to improve them
  • How to get a mentor or sponsor, and the value of them
  • Making an impact at work
  • Setting boundaries in the workplace
  • Managing burnout and recognising the signs
  • How to develop your strategic thinking muscle
  • How to manage feedback
  • How to deal with setbacks

Resources include Q&As, affirmations and meditations, expert tips and downloadable information sheets.

This programme can be delivered as a one day training course, with a selection of the above topics, or as a six week lunchtime group training series.


I have created an array of digital courses available to your employees. These include:

  • The Return to Work with Confidence Programme
  • Presenting with Confidence Masterclass
  • Personal Branding Masterclass
  • Productivity Masterclass

The Masterclasses can also be delivered live over a 60min session or a 90min deeper dive
with Q&A.

All workshop recipients are provided with a booklet and feedback form.

I can provide recommendations or create bespoke Masterclasses tailored to your needs. Get
in touch for a further conversation.

Parents at Work and Flexible Work Consulting Services

Since the Covid pandemic, many businesses have seen firsthand how flexible working can transform the working lives of their employees for the better, yet struggle to put in place the frameworks to ensure everyone can benefit from it.

I can work with your company to outline and put into practice the guidelines and resources that ensure your employees can work flexibly, and avoid any of the pitfalls (such as burnout or unhealthy workplace boundaries). With my consulting services, I show you how flexible working can bring immense benefits to both the business and your employees.

Another area where I can offer expertise is advising companies on how best to support working parents: so many parents (most commonly women) drop out of the workforce after having children as they struggle to navigate the juggle of their working and home lives. To ensure you retain a diverse workforce, that includes parents, I can advise on the measures needed to ensure parents can continue to thrive in their careers (and, in turn, feel both valued and supported).

"ISE Partners began working with Olivia/The Women’s Vault to provide a series of seven Masterclasses to to our client and candidate network on topics related to career development, work/life balance and other challenges presented through being in lockdown. Olivia is an expert presenter, her content is always engaging and what's more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety in her Masterclasses, where audience members feel happy to share thoughts and questions with strangers all of which have combined to make the sessions so useful for our attendees. We look forward to continuing what has been a welcome partnership with The Women’s Vault."

Eva Rode-Hilbert, Director, ISE Partners

"As a member of the People Ops team, employee wellness is an important aspect of the overall employee experience that we look into. Olivia’s workshop laid emphasis on the need to rest well and balance work with personal space, especially now that we’re working from home. The recommendations and tips she shared were so relatable and relevant. I think the session also allowed employees to see that they are not alone and there are others facing similar challenges."

Prajeetha Prasad, Director of People Operations, ThoughtSpot

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