Productivity tips: Feeling overwhelmed and/ or you wait until 10pm to do your work as that’s your ‘quiet time’?

Productivity tips

So many women I talk to describe being overwhelmed + overloaded with the volume of work – are you feeling this way too?

If your highest priorities sit on your to-do list for weeks on end, then this simple tip will help (it’s made a big difference to my clients) then Turn off your outlook notifications.

It takes less than 3mins to do this and will a game-changer. I know that’s a big statement, but it’s lead to some amazing results for my clients – they feel on top of their day, rather than distracted and unable to focus.

Why? Every time an email pops up on your screen, you use valuable brain power – your precious focus on is interrupted.

So please, take a moment to stop them popping up on your screen and/ or the noise “pinging” every time you receive an email.

Did you know it takes on average 20mins to get back to being focused?

When most of us receive around 100-120 emails per day, that’s a lot of interruptions and trying to get re-focused. Let alone further interruptions like Slack messages, Zoom meetings, WhatsApp messages…It’s no wonder that we find it so hard to get anything done!

This then leads to a further issue my clients describe – they wait the evenings – frequently working until 10pm
most nights as this is their ‘quiet time’ during the day.

While this may feel like a good solution, there can be some serious long term effects to your health and wellbeing.

It often leads to burnout (showing up as things like headaches, common colds, coldsores and taking things personally / catastrophising, no longer enjoying things you used to), exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, weight gain and even heart disease.

If you’re in a habit of working late, I’d recommend you try to cut back – work late 1-2 nights per week if you really have to, and the other days get proper rest. The expression I use is “Work hard, rest hard”.

This results in better productivity when you’re at work the next day because you’ve had a chance to unwind, relax and reset. You’ll be more effective and efficient. It’s a win-win.

If you’d like more of my productivity tips then head to my Instagram, or you can join one of my Productivity Masterclasses whether that’s live or pre-recorded. Please do get in touch if you have any questions. Olivia x

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