Press: My new article for HR Magazine

I was recently commissioned to write an article for HR Magazine on why compressed work weeks are beneficial to both the employee and the business. This is a topic close to my heart - I have seen many clients face tough negotiations to have their compressed work week requests accepted by their employers, with many businesses struggling to see how these type of flexible working practises can be beneficial to not only the individual but the company as a whole.

It felt like a pertinent time to be writing this feature, with news of the four-day work week trial starting in the UK - I took the opportunity to outline my thoughts on this, and why compressed work weeks can be a good option for those seeking a flexible work solution. See an extract below:

"I personally believe that it will take quite a while for four-day work weeks scheme to be adopted and there are a lot of factors to work through. As an alternative, there are many benefits to different types of flexible working arrangements, both businesses and employees, including compressed work weeks and job-shares. 

Compressed work weeks have seen a sharp rise in popularity globally, allowing employees to do their weekly contractual hours in a flexible way. While there are various different ways to structure a compressed week, the most popular is compressing five days of hours into four (such as, taking off a Friday, and working an extra couple of hours daily from Monday to Thursday).

Graham Joyce, founder of the flexible working platform DuoMe, notes that compressed work weeks are fast becoming more commonplace: “Compressed hours have been around for a long time, but tended to be available in positions with more strict hours. This appears to be changing with key employers, like the UK government, offering compressed hours as a working pattern that can even be searched for across their advertised jobs.”

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