Podcast: Anna Mathur’s The Therapy Edit

The therapy edit from mother to mother

I recently had the absolute pleasure of being invited to record an episode of Anna Mathur’s The Therapy Edit podcast. I’ve long been a fan of Anna and her work, and I loved talking to her about the ‘one thing’ I’d impart to other mums, which is that mothers should have more confidence, self-belief and self-worth at work.

Anna and I discuss why so many of us lack confidence, especially when returning to work after maternity leave  (79% of women regularly lack confidence at work), and share advice on how to overcome these challenges, create balance between fulfilling careers and family life and thrive at work.

This is a topic very close to my heart, and I share my own personal story of how I had to tackle internal barriers (my inner thoughts, beliefs and dialogue), to overcome the external barriers that were making my work life so challenging. It’s what led me to create The Women’s Vault to support more women facing the same struggles that I did.

I hope you enjoy the episode. Download and listen below:

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