On the path to Partner of her family law firm


Alexandra is now clear on her aspirations of becoming a Partner in her family law firm whilst still being a present Mum to her two boys.

She has clarity on her personal brand and her wardrobe reflects it.

When I met Alexandra Brand, a senior lawyer in a family law firm, she had recently had her second son and was caring for him during the extensive lockdown in Melbourne, Australia.

Alexandra explained that she had lost her sense of identity and clarity about her future career that she had worked so hard at.

“It was like I had forgotten who I was and what I wanted to achieve.”

Alexandra’s perspective and concerns are things that I often hear from my clients.

When we become a Mum, whether that’s for the first time, second, third, or more, our whole identity shifts and what I observe with my clients is that it can be hard to reconcile in their minds the person that went off on mat leave and the person that they now are – there’s a whole new side to them.

What we did together:

I supported Alexandra specifically on her personal brand, determining what she stands for, what’s important to her and how to articulate her career highlights and future aspirations. We did this by working through her learnings and reflections from online ‘Return to Work with Confidence’ program.

We then spent time working on her wardrobe, creating a ‘capsule wardrobe’, including outfits to wear to meet with clients and court.

This saved Alexandra both time and money as she didn’t need to invest in any attire, it was simply gaining my support to look at her wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes. Her wardrobe now reflects her career aspirations.

Between our conversations, Alexandra also sought my advice on the Facebook Group on how to re-negotiate her flexible work arrangements with her employer.


  • Alexandra now has clarity on her future and wants to be a confident career Mum, who has time with boys and becomes a partner/ director in her law firm in the next year. She is clear on her personal brand and believes this is helping her not only at work when she meets with new clients, but also when she attends networking events.
  • Alexandra saved a significant amount of money, time and stress in not having to buy new items of clothing before returning from maternity leave and she now has a ‘capsule’ wardrobe of items she can wear that reflect her personal brand. She has clarity on the items she may like to add to her wardrobe over the coming year based on my advice.
  • She was also able to successfully negotiate a flexible work arrangement with her employer.


“I completed this course and it was fantastic. Before the program, I had no direction or sense of who and what to expect going back to work. Fast forward to finding the Woman’s Vault and now I feel so much more empowered and excited to go back to work as well as being a professional working mum. Thank you to Olivia for creating this program and supporting me directly with my personal brand.”

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