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About Us

The Women’s Vault was established with the social purpose to help more women accelerate their careers into leadership roles, including guiding professional women when returning to work after maternity leave/career break, enabling women to overcome Imposter Syndrome, advising on issues such as diminished confidence and guiding working parents on how to cope with the juggle.

We work with women individually, and partner with other experts to deliver larger workplace programmes.

What does The Women’s Vault mean? To gain the tools, resources and knowledge to ‘spring forward’ into a more positive future; where women can share their challenges and joys in a safe community and confidential place.

The Women's Vault's courses are here to help you

Assisting mother with work

Course: The Working Mum's Toolkit

Balance work, motherhood and you. Learn to do the juggle, be less exhausted, have less Mum guilt, more boundaries and confidence.

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Masterclass: Personal Brand

Be more confident and gain clarity on your strengths. Develop your Personal Brand in a way that's genuine, authentic and memorable, not arrogant. Women who have completed this class have achieved promotions, new jobs and pay rises.

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Masterclass: Presenting with Confidence

Coming soon!

Masterclass: Productivity

Join this masterclass to increase your productivity skills. Full of helpful hacks and discussion of relevant professional problems. Gain time and clarity on “big ticket” items in your personal and professional life.

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Free webinar: Introduction to Imposter Syndrome

Watch a webinar with Olivia Bath, in which she offers an introduction to Imposter Syndrome, including how to recognise it and why it can develop. Watch to discover how to start the process of banishing your Imposter for good. Includes Q&A session with attendees.

Masterclass: Setting Boundaries

Set boundaries with confidence and less anxiety. Learn my proven method to setting boundaries effectively, in any workplace or situation.


What They Say

Suzy Reading, Chartered Psychologist & Author Business Women

"Olivia's approach is down to earth and relatable, acknowledging the barriers we face as mothers in the workplace, but she also shows us that it is possible to carve out balance between our desire for presence at home with career fulfilment - we can indeed have both."

Dominique Lim, Finance Dominique Lim, Finance

"Olivia's course helped me to focus on my priorities, acknowledge my boundaries, and start implementing better productivity practices to make the best use of my time. It's been two months since I completed the programme and the happiness and joy that come with being able to spend more time with my baby and husband have spilled over into my work, helping me be more focussed and productive."

Palmera McGuire Designation

“I would really recommend The Working Mum’s Toolkit to any woman who wants to succeed in their career and have more work/life balance. You taught me so much that I continue to use and I’m still gaining from it.”

Lisa Business Women

"I took part in two Women's Vault courses and I have applied many of the tips and strategies in my personal and professional life. I’m more efficient at work and more present at home. I definitely recommend working with Olivia and taking her masterclasses and programmes. She is friendly, personable and has a real passion for helping women get the best out of their time!"

Emma Business Women

"I have just a Women's Vault course and it is hands down the best thing I have done for myself and my career development in years. Olivia delivers excellent insight into returning to work for mums and how to successfully achieve flexible options even in senior positions, drawing on her own and other experiences to deliver a well rounded programme. Thank you Olivia!"

Kate H Designation

"Olivia is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her 4-week Imposter Syndrome group coaching course. I really feel as though I have been able to distance myself from my Imposter. I found the course materials very interesting, particularly the studies cited. I also really benefited from Olivia's tips and tricks to deal with your Imposter in specific situations. I had a particular breakthrough with one of the tools that Olivia gave to us."