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Writing for one of your favourite magazines is equally daunting and exciting. Recently I was asked to write two articles for Harper’s Bazaar, one of which continues to be featured on the homepage of the Harper’s UK website in their careers section. This article is on the rise of flexible working and includes my advice on how to ask for it, which is one of the most frequently asked questions I get from women (and men) all over the world. 

Why flexible working is the future,’ observes the changes to our ways of working since Covid, but also how many women have pushed the boundaries of asking their employer for flexible working. This includes a series of women in the UK who have won court cases against their employers about things like being penalised for needing to leave “early” to collect their child from childcare. Requesting flexible working is not always straightforward, it can be complex and often the process can be drawn out. One of the biggest challenges I see women face – and I have experienced, too – is that it can be complex, with rounds of negotiation and renegotiation. It can be tricky, emotional and exhausting, but often the end outcome makes it worth it.

The second article is on how coaching came to the fore in the 90s – from Princess Diana having a personal trainer to Tony Robbins being the first self-help celebrity guru. In this, I shared some of the ways that coaching can help, from more confidence – something we all aspire to have – to gaining support on how to form your personal brand and negotiating pay rises. It can also help with challenges or barriers you are facing, like dealing with tricky stakeholders at work or setting boundaries with either your boss or someone else.

Click here to read both articles in full:

Why flexible working is the future
Why you need a career coach

On the matter of writing these articles and feeling daunted, I could have easily self-sabotaged myself and not stepped up to the plate. I did have thoughts about “who am I to write this, surely there’s someone else who is more an expert than me.” But I took the advice that I give to my clients and that’s simply, “Go for it. You can do anything you put your mind to. Often a long walk can help clear the clutter in your mind and you gain the clarity that you need to solve the problem.” I hope you enjoy reading them, and do get in touch if they inspire you to look for change in your own working life – there’s plenty of daily advice on my Instagram account that also may help.

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