My article on Motherdom: How new Mums can get more work-life balance

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When I returned from maternity leave, I went back to a bigger job, had a baby that didn’t sleep and did a compressed work week. To say it was “challenging” feels like an understatement of my experience.

But it is this experience that I went through which creates a trusted bonds between my clients and me. I intimately understand the challenges of juggling a corporate career that you love with motherhood. I also speak with women everyday who want to continue to “do the juggle” but also want more balance, so that you don’t have to choose between one or the other.

One of the keys to this balance is having the courage to have a conversation with your employer about working more flexibly.

I love helping women to prepare for a successful negotiation so that they can work flexibly for the long-term, be financially compensated for the work that they do (so often I speak with women who work 4 days/week but are actually doing the equivalent work of a full time role) and achieve more work/life balance by setting boundaries (something we also work together on).

To read about my personal experience, including tips and resources for on how to negotiate more flexibility to gain better work/life balance, then head to the Motherdom website:

Thank you to the Motherdom team, including Anna Ceesay and Suzy Reading for reviewing and editing my piece.