Mum guilt and managing stress

mums managing mum guilt stress

Last week I interviewed Suzy Reading, Psychologist, Author, Business Mentor, Yogi and Self-Care Guru on the topics of Mum guilt, the effects of stress and how to manage it.

Suzy provided practical tips and advice, which she uses in her motherhood (Suzy has two young children) and to give her more energy and “power” in her day, including the importance of posture and what this does to our minds.

Suzy explained that when you are looking down, or are slightly slouched or slumped over, like looking at a mobile phone or a laptop, you are more likely to be thinking negative thoughts. Conversely, if you are sitting or standing tall, with your chest up, then you are more likely to be motivated and thinking positive thoughts.

In the IGTV interview, Suzy also shared several tips on how to cope with everyday stresses throughout your day so that you can improve your resilience and improve your mindset, ability to think clearly and other practices of self-care. To watch the full interview, click here.

Suzy has several books on parenting and self-care, including the ‘Self Care Revolution’, which I recommend.

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