Live From Lockdown – WFH, Saying Yes/No & Community with Caoimhe

Enjoy the second installment of my Live from Lockdown series with the wonderful Caoimhe Burns, filmed on Friday 20th November.

Caoimhe is an Irish Mum living just outside of London with her husband and son Luke, who is nearly 2.

Caoihme works at a global technology company and recently moved from Dublin to London, meaning she has a lot of experience with working from home.

She also has great advice to share on creating support networks at work after creating her own parents network on her return.

Plus, find out when to say “yes” and when to say “no” after your mat leave return!

Interview Time Stamps below:

6:03- Working From Home

8:13- Why Zoom Visibility is so important

12:02- Caoihme’s Return to Work Experience

13:33- Say Yes! & 16:10- Say No!

17:24- Boundaries

19:24- Community & Parent Networks at Work

23:42- Caoimhe’s advice to other Mum’s

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