Live From Lockdown – Separation Anxiety Solutions and Playfulness with Expert Joanna

The last Live from Lockdown is with Joanna Fortune, Psychotherapist, TEDX Speaker, Mum and author of the amazing 15 minute parenting series. She has over 20 years clinical experience and all her tips are tried and tested in her therapy sessions.

In this expert interview we discuss some of her brilliant tips, including solutions for separation anxiety, self-care and its importance, parental self audits and behaviour.

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Interview Time Stamps below:

5:44- Writing a Book on Maternity Leave

8:07- Motherhood Changes

09:58- Self Care Scaffolding

13:11- Therapeutic Rituals and Mini-Pauses

15:00- The Solo Play Challenge

17:06- The Notion of Time for Children

18:55- Visual Representations

20:21- Love Buttons! Separation Anxiety Solutions

24:30- Evoke Memories with Scent- Separation Anxiety Solutions

25:32- Joanna’s Books- Cradle to the Rave!

27:48- Behaviour- using Play as a Language

30:15- Parental Self-Audits- Understanding how we Parent