Live From Lockdown – Cooking, RTW Confidence & Role Models with Alana

This tasty Live from Lockdown is with Alana Barry, Mum to Lucas, recently returned to work as Marketing Strategist at a software company in Edinburgh.

After mat leave she returned to a bigger, higher profile role, rather than taking the “safe” option and is brimming with confidence and clarity on her personal brand and goals.

We discuss Alana’s mid-week rituals including how she loves to unwind by cooking healthy and tasty meals for her family. There’s even a little recipe advice for you on slow cooker stews (Ideal for one of my favourite productivity hacks- batch cooking!)

Alana is an active member of The Women’s Vault Community (The Tribe!) and a recent graduate of The Women’s Vault online and accessible ‘The Return to Work with Confidence’ Program.

Interview Time Stamps below:

3:49- Cooking and Magic Slow Cooker Stews

6:51- Courage and Confidence- Returning to a Bigger Role

10:18- Role Models and Personal Identity

14:00- Operating Rhythms

16:23- Planning, Schedules and the Power of a Board!

18:43- Returning to Work- The Good & The Bad

21:35- Personal Brand and Setting the Tone

26:11- The Rapid Fire Questions

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