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How can we support your employees?

Are you a busy HR Manager juggling a million things, from workplace grievances to re-writing job descriptions and now organising a speaker to talk about the social issues that your employees care so passionately about?

Or the Women’s or Parent’s Network Chair seeking to drive network engagement and raise awareness of important topics?

Or are you a Manager who has done all you can to mentor an employee overcome their challenges like a lack of confidence, but now you need an external party to help…

Having worked with hundreds of women around the world in industries including banking/finance, asset management, mining, law, marketing and healthcare, we understand workplace challenges.

“Olivia delivered an energising day focused on the importance of women in leadership… especially around self confidence and how this is a catalyst for professional growth.”

Services for businesses

Workshops and Keynote Speeches

For organisations looking to support their teams with issues such as Imposter Syndrome, setting boundaries and confidence, Olivia Bath can deliver workshops or keynote speeches either in person or virtually.

Digital courses

Our self-paced digital courses can be completed anytime, anywhere. We can provide access for your employees, whether for individuals or group packages for multiple employees. These are digital courses of video content or audio lessons, with worksheets and checklists. This is a popular, low-cost investment option.


We can provide coaching programmes for your company that Olivia offers to individual clients in industries such as finance, law, marketing, healthcare and mining in the UK, Europe, US and Australia. Typically Olivia will coach between one to 10 of your employees at any one time.

Signature Keynote Speech:
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome affects 75% of women in the workplace and is a complex issue affecting workplaces at all levels.

Speech outline:

  • How Imposter Syndrome affects us in the workplace, including minority groups (with data points)
  • Why we should care: The link between overwork and burnout and why it’s costing your company in lost revenue and productivity
  • Tools to overcome Imposter Syndrome, your triggers and where to start
  • Tips and tricks for Managers including ways to provide feedback to your team members with Imposter Syndrome.

Optional add-ons for your company:

  • Data into Imposter Syndrome in your company –  how is it affecting your employees? The data will be shared in the keynote as well as insights and recommendations to consider.
  • The Women’s Vault’s Overcome Imposter Syndrome online course with the option to include group coaching sessions for optimum results.
  • Group coaching programme for 10-12 participants over 6 weeks.

The Women’s Vault’s keynote 60min speech can be delivered in-person in the UK or Europe and/or online via Zoom. 

“After Olivia’s speech I felt a sense of freedom – of finally feeling free of my harsh inner critic who holds me back. I also found it incredibly useful as a Manager including how to tailor my feedback using Olivia’s simple techniques. I highly recommend it for your company. or department.”

What We Believe In....

Do you believe in these things too? If you do, we're here to help.

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“Olivia has a skill of putting a room at ease and encouraging people to not just speak freely and openly, but also to confront their own inner barriers and seek solutions to overcome them. She helped me understand how I can take control of my career by providing techniques and tools to overcome challenges, setting goals and improving my visibility. I felt empowered after the workshop. I’ve putting my action plan into practice.” – Kim, Asset Manager, Praetura


One of Women’s Vault’s most popular offerings, our workshops can be delivered in person or virtually and can cover a variety of topics, including the following

We are one team. Young and cheerful afro american woman smiling while having a meeting with

Personal Brand

Developing a Personal Brand can allow individuals to become more confident and gain clarity on their strengths.

Successful Caucasian Woman Making Presentation

Confidence at Work

This workshop addresses how we can improve confidence at work: diminished confidence is an issue for many women, especially those who have been on maternity leave or taken a career break. 


Learn how to increase productivity skills, resulting in more balance and enabling employees to use their time better.  

Coaching for your employees

Coaching can help businesses retain female talent and keep women within the workforce, by helping employees face and tackle many of the internal and external barriers they suffer at work – such as diminished confidence, Imposter Syndrome, setting boundaries and managing burnout.

I often provide coaching to companies in the following ways:

  • A HR Manager and I will partner together to provide return to work coaching to a number of their employees as part of their returners/ women in leadership strategy. We also often work together on holistic support and flexible work policies for these employees.
  • A Manager will seek my coaching to help one of their team members to overcome issues such as a lack of confidence.

“Olivia is amazing as a coach and I worked with her after my second maternity leave and I found her practical tools and strategies particularly helpful.
I recommend her.” – Francesca N, Mars.

Why businesses choose our online courses

Previous leadership experience in corporates

We have held leadership roles in publicly listed companies and understand how large and matrix organisations and cultures operate. We are confident and capable of partnering with corporate companies of any size including presenting to senior stakeholders/decision makers.

Scalable packages for businesses

Your employees can log-on anytime, anywhere and course lessons are designed to be easy to consume with audio (like a podcast) or video recordings. Worksheets and further resources provide further learning and development. We can provide data on course progress and completion. Some of our partners use live Q&A sessions to deepen course learnings and outcomes.

Blended approach

We use a blend of previous experience advising CEOs and being on leadership teams, along with psychology tools, coaching tools and an understanding of HR needs and requirements to provide courses that hit the mark with our participants.

Case Studies

Case Study: The Women’s Vault Confidence and Career Accelerator Training Day
The Women’s Vault was appointed by Praetura, an asset management firm, to host a full-day session for leaders
Click Here
Case Study: The Women’s Vault Workshop Series
The Women’s Vault was appointed to develop and lead a series of three virtual workshops for N-able's Global Women's Network
Click Here
Case Study: Insightful U Training Programme
Creative agency 3 Monkeys appointed The Women's Vault to develop and deliver three bespoke training programmes for three cohorts
Click Here
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What They Say

Feedback from clients of The Women’s Vault

Alana Barry: Senior Manager, Global Campaigns Team Senior Manager, Global Campaigns Team

The Women’s Vault workshops were informative, engaging and really well received by employees. The popularity of the workshops was such that they were highlighted by our chief people officer. The content resonated with the issues our colleagues are facing, and Olivia was an excellent facilitator. She was involved when she needed to be and stepped back to let people talk as much as they needed to.

ISE Partners
Eva Rode-Hilbert: Director, ISE Partners Director, ISE Partners

ISE Partners worked with The Women’s Vault to provide a series of Masterclasses to to our client and candidate network. Olivia is an expert presenter, her content is always engaging and what's more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety in her Masterclasses, where audience members feel happy to share thoughts and questions with strangers all of which have combined to make the sessions so useful for our attendees.

Prajeetha Prasad: Director of People Operations, Thoughtspot

As a member of the People Ops team, employee wellness is an important aspect of the overall employee experience that we look into. Olivia’s workshop laid emphasis on the need to rest well and balance work with personal space. The recommendations and tips she shared were so relatable and relevant. I think the session also allowed employees to see that they are not alone and there are others facing similar challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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This is up to you! Whether in person or virtually, The Women's Vault can present to audiences of any size. Please contact us for further details of your needs.

Employees will be sent an invitation with a link where they can log on and watch at a specified time. 

Email Olivia Bath directly and she will create a quote based on your needs:

Yes! There is a Q&A sessions at the end of the keynote speech, whether it is in person or on Zoom.

Yes. If you aren’t satisfied, then we ask clients to get in touch straightaway so that we can resolve any concerns.  

It can be hard for HR to identify women that need support because of their presentation: women with Imposter Syndrome often present to others as being confident, highly capable of their jobs and in control, yet their inner dialogue, shows that they are often filled with doubt, feeling like a fraud or can never be good enough. But it is one of the first things they will discuss with me as a coach and external provider. If you're unsure whether this speech could be beneficial to your team, then please do contact Olivia directly and she will be able to offer further guidance.

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