ISE enlists The Women’s Vault for a series of workshops to support professional and personal development, from negotiation to personal brand and boundary setting.

ISE enlists The Women’s Vault

Commencing this week, ISE Partners and The Women’s Vault have collaborated to bring 7 workshops and masterclasses throughout to ISE’s clients and candidates across career development topics, as well as personal development, including resilience and productivity. 

The series commences in March and April and also includes a special workshop to coincide with Mother’s Day, ‘Returning to Work with Confidence for New Mums’.

This will be aninteractive and practical workshop for 50 professional Mums with funds raised for Working Chance, the UK’s only charity supporting women with convictions into employment.

There will also be an ‘invitation only’ opportunity, an intimate Masterclass on ‘Finding Your Voice’, enabling participants to create memorable stories about themselves to use in a corporate setting, helping them to build their brand authentically.

Eva Rode-Hilbert, Director at ISE Partners says it enlisted The Women’s Vault to deliver these workshops to allow its clients and candidates access to content and training that they wouldn’t normally have access to, or that their company is yet to create.

“We are thrilled to share this programme, which has an excellent blend of professional and personal development, including practical skills like negotiation and presentation skills over Zoom, which aren’t readily available or offered by large companies, where many of our clients and candidates work. The employment market is also competitive right now and so this helps our candidates looking for new roles to boost their confidence and skills.”

Olivia Bath, Founder at The Women’s Vault added, “I work with many professionals who right now want a competitive edge – whilst still having some work/life balance and wellbeing – and so I help them to boost their personal brand, hone their presentation skills and prepare for important meetings, like interviews, or presenting to a key internal or external stakeholder group, along with mindfulness activities.”

There are limited spots available to the virtual workshops (all taking place via Zoom) and each week the ‘doors’ will open to the next workshop.

The series of interactive and practical workshops and masterclasses includes: 

  • ‘Presentation Skills when you’re presenting over Zoom/ Teams’ workshop: Learn to command attention and prepare for presentations. Friday 5 March, 12:30-1:30pm.
  • Mother’s Day workshop: ‘Return to Work with Confidence’. Designed for Mums on parental leave or returned in the last 18 months. Donation of £15, with all proceeds going to Working Chance. 15 March at 11:30am-12:30pm. 
  • ‘Negotiation Skills’ Masterclass: Useful for anyone who is planning on negotiating a pay rise, a new role or wants to negotiate flexible work. Details: 18 March at 12:00-1:30pm. 
  • Personal Brand’ Masterclass: Learn how to develop your Personal Brand in a way that’s true to you, including how to develop your ‘elevator pitch’ using The Women’s Vault’s 4 Step Method. It will change the way you think about your Personal Brand, including your LinkedIn profile. Details: 24 March at 12:00-1:30pm. 
  • Boundary Setting’ workshop: Learn what your boundaries are, how to set and communicate them. Details: 30 March at 12:00-1:00pm.
  • ‘Productivity hacks and how to maintain resilience in working from home’ workshop: Learn how to improve your resilience and understand how you can be more effective, efficient and have an ‘essentialist’ approach to your life. Details: 15 April at 12:00-1:00pm.
  • Invitation only: ‘Finding your Voice’ Masterclass: Create authentic and memorable stories about you. Within this special workshop, you will develop 2-3 stories that you can use in a corporate setting to be more memorable. Details: 28 April at 11:00-12:30pm.

All of the workshops have been created by The Women’s Vault and designed to be interactive, with Q&As and discussion throughout. 

ISE Partners is a dynamic recruitment practice working on behalf of exceptional people to fulfil their true potential.

The Women’s Vault helps professional women, including new Mums to accelerate their careers and achieve work/life balance, by sharing the path to succeed and cope with stress. It provides one to one coaching, group coaching and digital programmes to its clients and businesses, including workshops for new parents and employee wellbeing programmes.


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Olivia Bath, Founder, The Women’s Vault



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