International Women’s Day 2021 #choosetochallenge

Boundaries Workshop

For International Women’s Day, my  #choosetochallenge moment was to lead the creation of a mini festival, including 9 speakers from across the globe and a range of industries, backgrounds, careers and countries to create intelligent, empowering and uplifting content – which is what I think so many of us need right now.

Whether you watched it in your lunch break, were breastfeeding your little one on the sofa or you just wanted to feel included and part of something, I wanted everyone to feel inspired. The great news is that you can still watch the content and the links are below!

But first, I wanted to share with you my vision for this coming year.

My #choosetochallenge for the coming year

My goal is to continue to inspire others and be a role model – help women to be their best, whether that’s helping them into a leadership role, accelerate their career or balance the motherhood/ career journey. 

This includes running The Women’s Vault whilst also doing a corporate part time job in a global consulting company – doing a part time Compressed Work Week – and having work/life balance with my family.

On Compressed Weeks, I want to continue to push the status quo of what flexible work means – and encourage women to consider this type of flexible work choice so that they can keep their full time salary, work flexibly and have work/life balance and career acceleration.

One of my goals is also to reach and support as many women through free resources on my website; workshops, Masterclasses, one on one coaching, as well as speaking in companies.

The IWD line-up of amazing women

Click on the name to watch the interview. The women that were included in the line up were:

8:55amMy introduction – I welcomed you, shared why I put this festival lineup together and how it would work throughout the day.

9:00am Morning breath work with Charlie Moult, Founder of Source. Gain calm, clarity & focus with through a fabulous short workshop. See more on her site.

9:30am Interview with Tigger Hall on Interior Design Trends.We chat interior design trends & how to improve our homes whether you’re renting, limited budget or have little ones. Tigger is my aunt, a force in interior design industry & has her own fabric label, Nine Muses. See more on her site.

10:00amExpert Physiotherapist advice from The Office Athlete’s Founder and Director Jennifer Dodge. Learn how to adjust our desks for the optimum setup, sit comfortably and easy stretches. A WFH must-see! See more on her site.

10:30am: Hear from Lesley Thain, mum working in the education sector and creator of the E17 Baby directory. We chat about changing careers, returning to work after maternity leave and creating a community. See more on her site.

11:00am: Interview with Rose Mann, founder of the Farm Girl Cafe and creator of the famous Super Latte! All about well-being trends, a vegan lifestyle and pandemic resilience within the hospitality industry. See more on her site.

12:30pm: Jessica Ferrari-Wells, Nutritionist, Lawyer and Women’s Health Coach, gives us advice including hormones and ‘hacking your period’! See more on her site.

1:00pm: Siobhan Kangataran Project manager and Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Advocate speaks out about the challenges within a male-dominated workplace, pay gaps and collaboration over competition.

3:00pm: Associate Lawyer and writer Megan Grey talks on living your purpose and being the change YOU want to see. Plus how to drive positive initiatives and inclusions within your own workplace.

3:30pm: Live wine-tasting with founder of sensory self-discovery Vignette Wines Sophie Griffiths. Get ahead of the curve on wines we’ll be drinking this summer and be inspired by the amazing women breaking the glass ceiling of the wine industry. See more on her site.

One of the questions that I asked every panellist was, “what’s one piece of advice you would give to women today?”. Their responses are incredible:

Charlie’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“We don’t ever realise how incredible we are. When women have inspired me in my life it’s when they’ve seen something in me that I don’t see in myself. Remember how amazing you are.”

Holiday: Bali | Podcasts: Brené Brown | Book: ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Tigger’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Women have an inner strength that we don’t often recognise. Trust and know that you have it and can draw from it.”

Holiday: India or Turkey (Istanbul) | Podcasts: Audiobook- ‘Any Ordinary Day’ by Leigh Sails | Book: Decorating – Kit Kemp’s books.Fiction –The Dictionary of Lost Words’ by Pip Williams

Lesley’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Invest in yourself, whether its professional development or wellbeing. You are worth it, worth the time, treat yourself well.”

Holiday: California | Podcasts: ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ and ‘Spinning Plates’

Rose’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Stick with your gut. People give you advice, which is wonderful; but sometimes the advice is not right, you’ve always got to stick with your own gut.”

Holiday: Caribbean | Podcasts: Elizabeth Day | Book: ‘Seven Sisters’ by Lucinda Riley

Jessica’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Never be hard on yourself, always be your biggest champion. Remember you’re a superwoman for doing everything you’re doing. Give yourself permission to take time out and slow down.”

Holiday: Italy | Podcasts: ‘Care it Out’ with Kerry Secker | Book: ‘Period Power’ by Maisie Hill

Siobhan’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Two parts. First choose to challenge, look around you, who’s not in the room or conversation, who can you include. Second part be open to receiving challenge, to listen, because that’s how we’ll learn from each other.”

Holiday: Hawaii | Podcasts: Brené Brown | Book: ‘Me and White Supremacy’ by Layla Saad, ‘Dare to Lead’ by Brené Brown

Megan’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“Speak your truth, speak it loud, be your most authentic self. Don’t ever change yourself to accommodate someone else or society. This is how we raise our collective consciousness.”

Holiday: Anywhere on the warm sea! | Podcasts: Oprah’s ‘Super Soul’ | Book: ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ by Maisie Forleo

Sophie’s Advice and Rapid-Fire Answers:

“If you are absolutely terrified of something, then that means you have to do it!”

Holiday: Island-hopping in Greece | Podcasts: Jim Al-Khalili’s ‘The Life Scientific’ | Book: ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah HarariWine: Cork Dork’ by Bianca Bosker

Thank you to all of my amazing panellists 

I was absolutely blown away by their involvement, the discussions we had and am going to love watching them all back again – some incredible insights, knowledge and wisdom was shared.

Festival Giveaway

In the spirit of International Women’s Day to support women everywhere, I had a special The Women’s Vault giveaway. All attendees had the opportunity to win 1 of 5 Career Acceleration Masterclasses plus other work/life balance goodies. Head here for results on Instagram.

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