The Women’s Vault Imposter Syndrome Live Group Coaching Programme

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Stop doubting yourself. Be the amazing, confident woman that I know you can be!

● Do you feel like a fraud and are often anxious, wondering when you’ll be found out?
● Are you too afraid to speak up in meetings for fear of looking unknowledgeable?
● Are you always comparing yourself to your colleagues and feel like you never measure up?

If these resonate with you, then this programme is here to help you.


This programme brings together my experience in advising CEOs (you’d be surprised how often they have it too), my coaching with hundreds of women around the world and training, which I deliver to companies including Amazon.

This programme is delivered live with lots of opportunity for discussion and Q&As, along with a WhatsApp group, weekly 30min WhatsApp Q&A session and accountability from me! I want you to be a Goddess free from Imposter Syndrome or a confident babe! This is the only time this programme will be offered live this year – limited to 18 spots.

The programme overview:

Week 1: What is Imposter Syndrome; why has Imposter Syndrome been holding you back; acknowledge the challenges that you’ve been through.
Week 2: Confidence – internal and external factors that are affecting your self-worth; building evidence to boost your worth and further tools to use.
Week 3: Different types of Imposter Syndrome; changing your mindset and observing yourself and others from afar (Neurolinguistic Programming exercise); identifying your triggers and tools to manage them.
Week 4 (NB 90min session): Setting boundaries; having tricky conversations and key messages you can use that have been created for you and are used by my clients (these have been ‘done for you’); summary of the tools; discuss your biggest breakthrough and feedback.
Bonus lesson (30min recording): Personal branding and returning to your authentic self. This is done in your own time and will be discussed in week 3.

What’s included:
  • Four week live group coaching programme with Q&A and discussion.
  • Bonus lesson on Personal Branding – one of the best confidence-boosting tools.
  • Bonus checklist and resources on Setting Boundaries.
  • WhatsApp group to ask questions, share your thoughts and ideas. I will answer Q&As on the WhatsApp group every Friday for 30mins.
  • A printable booklet sent to your home that you can use throughout the programme and continue to come back to and use and links to further resources.
  • A series of digital tools to access on the go, like when you’re commuting and to set you up for a confident-filled day. This includes pep talks, guided meditations, a checklist, guides and articles.
  • Option to do further one-to-one coaching with Olivia to accelerate your results and have Voxer (or WhatsApp) voice message support to solve your challenges asap.

Wednesday 19 October- 9 November at 8pm via Zoom for 1hr.

About your trainer:

Olivia Bath is an Executive Advisor, Award-winning Communications Specialist and Founder of The Women’s Vault. The Women’s Vault offers coaching, training and advisory services to companies and individuals. Olivia specialises in women’s career progression and leadership. She has written feature articles for publications on women in the workplace issues including Grazia UK, Motherdom, Global Banking & Finance. Olivia has delivered workshops to companies in the UK and Australia and her clients work at companies including Deloitte, Amazon, NHS, Nuffield Health, Knight Frank and law firms.

Programme options:

The Confidence babe: Early bird special £297 (until 30 Sept). Includes all live coaching, workbook posted to your home and a special confidence bracelet. Or for monthly pricing plan of £125 over 3 months, email me. Use this link to secure your spot.

The Goddess: * Only two spots left!* Fast-track your results and get my one to one support with two additional one hour coaching sessions for £897. We’ll focus on your specific challenges, needs and I’ll tailor my coaching to suit your personality style. Includes a special bonus of a bespoke bead bracelet with your initials the word “Confidence”, a personalised guided affirmation and workbook posted to your home. *NB Coaching sessions must be used by 31 January 2023. Link to secure your spot now – only three available; or 3 month pricing plan of £325.

The first 5 spots booked receive a £20 John Lewis voucher. Once you make payment, I’ll email you a confirmation and relevant details. Not sure which one is for you? Join my free webinar where I’ll be answering questions on the programme, or book in a 30min chat with me here.


“I have just secured a new role that actively puts me on a path towards being a senior leader. I couldn’t have done it if The Women’s Vault hadn’t tee’d me up to challenge my existing stakeholders and supporters at work and to articulate my brand and aspirations so clearly. Olivia helped reignite a fire in my belly…I’ve never known myself to have this level of inner confidence. Olivia’s coaching helped me to put myself back together for my return to work and turbo charge my career.” – Katie Hynard, Asset Management Director.

“I found the course so useful I decided to work with Olivia for some 1:1 coaching, and see this as a great investment which has led to bigger and better career opportunities. Even after one session, I feel clearer on my personal brand, my values, and where I can add real value in my role. Really recommend it to other professional women.” – Samantha, Lawyer, Amazon

“I’ve got an exciting new role, a pay rise and a much better WFH/office balance which suits my family life. THANK YOU for inspiring me and giving me more confidence – it really has made a huge amount of difference…I’m thrilled with where it’s all ended up.” – Bethany

“ISE Partners worked with Olivia/The Women’s Vault to provide seven Masterclasses on career development, work/life balance and personal brand. Olivia is an expert presenter, her content is engaging and what’s more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety where audience members feel happy to share thoughts and questions with strangers. We recommend her to our contacts and networks.”


Do you offer a moneyback guarantee? Yes. Email me with 24hrs after the first or second lesson and you’ll receive a full refund, no questions asked.
What if I can’t attend live? It’s great if you can attend live to participate in discussions and Q&As, however I do understand that things come up, kids get sick, you have an unexpected deadline etc. The recorded lesson will be emailed to you the following day.
What results should I expect? See testimonials above and results below.

Results and Outcomes:

Among my coaching clients results include:
● Secured their dream job or long-hoped for promotions
● Achieved pay rises of up to 25% plus bonuses
● Secured flexible working that allow more balance, without compromising salary
● Returned to work after maternity leave or career break with a clear personal brand that’s
resulted in internal opportunities such as leading high profile projects and secondments
● Become the most confident version of themselves.


For more information contact me directly: or 07367073984.

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