Hear from another new Mum on how she does a Compressed Work Week

A Compressed Work Week enables you to continue to be successful and have work/life balance

You may remember that I spoke earlier in the year about Compressed Work Weeks and the highly positive impact they can have on professional Mum’s work/life balance. It’s an effective and consistent way to make more time for you and your child whilst still achieving the same salary and career success that you worked so hard for.

I was the first in my company to do a Compressed Work Week

I myself do Compressed Work Weeks, having started when I first returned to my corporate job in communications after my maternity leave. Once I’d developed a plan and the skills to profit from the Compressed Work Weeks style – by studying productivity experts, testing to find effective tools and changing my mindset – I found that I was producing some of my best work and having the time to watch my baby boy George grow. I would never go back to full work weeks again and have found that the skills and methods I developed meant Compressed Work Weeks are even possible in a start-up business like I’m running now. Every entrepreneur should recognise how much of an achievement that can be, particularly as the first year of your business it is usually 24/7! Instead, I am able to be a calm and present Mum whilst offering the helpful, successful coaching and course services The Women’s Vault is known for.

Beta Testing my ‘Compressed Work Week’ Group Coaching program

Discovering a clear gap in the market- no other coach offers Compressed Work Week training – I launched a program last month designed to outfit other Mums with the tools and expertise to do effective Compressed Work Weeks too. I’m already receiving highly positive feedback from the Mums on this beta program, with boundaries and personal brand being a favourite parts, along with meeting other professional new Mums. In fact 100% of the course participants recommend it, based on an interim survey.

Hear from Rebecca, a working Mum who does a Compressed Work Week at TFL

One thing all us Mums love is to hear from other Mums in the same situation, we need the community and it can be helpful to share motherhood experiences. Also as professionals we know how important it is to pursue the opinions of other professionals – so we can learn from them and understand how they achieved their success. As such I did an interview with Rebecca Hickman who has been doing Compressed Work Weeks in her high-powered job at the TFL. There’s some great information here that I’m sure you’ll find helpful. Read on LinkedIn my Interview with Rebecca Hickman- TFL

Rebecca also kindly spoke to my Mums on the Beta Compressed Work Weeks program too – you can see their responses below.