Healthy Life Goals and Healthy Habits

Healthy life goals


  • It’s important to review your life goals – are you on the path to success in career and at home?
  • Are we surrounded by healthy influences and habits, or are we our own worst enemy?
  • What little changes could we implement to improve life-quality?
  • My “Cleansing” tips for healthy routine switches.

Seasonal Review Points

So here in the UK its finally shifted away from the dreary grey winter and the need to have the heaters on all the time. The changing seasons and the rising light levels makes it easy to start thinking about shifting things within your own life, but it should be something clearly marked on our calendars wherever we are in the world.

Throughout the year I like to have little review points, every three or four months, take a look at my habits and routine. This is different from the daily or weekly to-do list, these are more long-term goals, whether at home in your career, that offer the big picture rewards.

It’s something I suggest to my clients too, and they often find this reflective exercise useful.

Ask yourself:

  • Does your life match up to your goals and give you feelings of fulfilment?
  • Are your habits healthy or detrimental?
  • Is your career moving forwards, or do you feel like you’re standing still?
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, or does each day tire you out?

It’s important to challenge ourselves with these big questions. We love our career, home and family, but if we don’t step back occasionally and try and view it objectively its easy to miss small healthy changes – as the cliché says, can’t see the forest for the trees!

By taking time to refocus, to renew and review, we can “zoom” on the little things (a resilience exercise from my Return to Work with Confidence Program) that give us pleasure and spot where we can improve. It could be something as simple as not spending our spare 20 minutes scrolling through social media and instead doing a restorative meditation (here’s a link to my De-Stress download which may help) or changing the chore routine at home, like cooking something new and adventurous.

Either way, I’m putting aside time to do that this week. To see what my life ‘road map’ looks like and make sure my journey is heading in the right direction.

Why not join me?

Below are my “Cleansing” Tips, some advice to help with healthy switches.

  1. Get your vitamin D. It’s important for your health to be out in the sunshine. I do daily walks in the park near me, it refreshes, relaxes and reminds me of how beautiful the world is.
  2. Exercise. Its amazing the energy you can produce by tiring yourself out physically! Make sure you have a routine that you reward yourself for – exercise should be something you look forward to.
  3. Check your diet. Its easy to slip into bad habits after winter indulgences and when its dark outside early not feeling like cooking. Make sure you’ve stocked up on your healthy favourites, green leafy vegetables and good fats.
  4. Spring Cleaning. I don’t mean the house! Declutter your email inbox and check your social connections. Make sure you’re only getting positive or important influences because there’s no time for the negative.

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