Harper’s Bazaar Article: How Do I Know if I’m Burnt Out?

Harper's Bazaar Article: How Do I Know if I’m Burnt Out?

I was recently approached by Harper’s Bazaar to contribute to an issue close to my heart – burnout.

I had to chuckle when the request came in as right now I feel on the edge of burnout myself: I’m tired, stressed and fatigued.

I don’t have it all figured out, far from it. Sometimes we feel others have it ‘all together’, while we are failing behind the scenes.

A few things I have found help me…

  • Time with friends. One of the best ways to get rid of stress.
  • Sleep: prioritise it.
  • Exercise, when possible: I find even walking to pick up George from school helps me.
  • Meditation: not every day at the moment, but every few days.
  • Less caffeine and more water: one weaker coffee a day and no second cup or tea, just water.

I come across burnout time and again….

… especially with working motherss.

Really, it’s no surprise when you consider what so many of us are juggling: busy jobs, with the demands of round-the-clock emails/communication and the lack of workplace boundaries; the many issues with childcare, including the huge cost of it, the constant stream of nursery illnesses and the anxiety of challenging drop offs; the lack of self-care that often comes with being a parent, when your own wellbeing drops to the bottom of the priority list; the challenges of being a female in the workplace, and trying to battle issues of confidence, imposter syndrome and maintaining the illusion of juggling it all effortlessly. It’s exhausting.

I often recognise the signs of burnout when women first approach me for coaching, at my practice in London, or attend one of my workshops: they may be suffering a myriad of symptoms, which can include extreme tiredness, recurrent minor illnesses, physical tensions, aches and pains and low moods.

Often, burnout can be the result of unhealthy workplace boundaries – assessing this and learning how to set healthy boundaries can be a huge step in the right direction.

My Setting Boundaries Masterclass is here to help. This 40-minute recorded Masterclass can be watched anytime and you can also re-watch it as you have ongoing access. It also includes presentation slides, to download and keep, a booklet on boundaries, three sample scripts to help you know what to say and my six steps to setting boundaries checklist and what to do at each step

  • It will teach you to set boundaries with confidence and less anxiety. 
  • Learn my proven method to setting boundaries effectively, in any workplace or situation. 
  • Includes example scripts and checklist and recording of Masterclass for you to watch anywhere, anytime.
  • You’ll learn to set boundaries with ease with my 7 step guide – navigating you through each stage and feeling.

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