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How does it work?

I bring my expertise from my nearly 15 year corporate career of working with CEOs and Executives on their external and internal communication, alongside my own personal experience of returning to work from maternity leave to a bigger and demanding corporate role at one of Australia’s top 4 banks. I did it in a Compressed Work Week.

If you are looking to do 1:1 coaching, I do an assessment based on my ‘6 Pillars to Thrive’ which have proven, optimum results for my clients, including group coaching participants. These 6 Pillars are: Confidence, Personal Brand, Wellbeing, Productivity, Resilience and Community.

At the end of your program, I do another assessment and feedback to ensure you have got the results you are looking for.

What results should I expect?

My clients have done things like returned from mat leave to bigger, higher profile roles; prepared with me for Executive level interviews; won over challenging stakeholders; negotiated and now do Compressed Work Weeks; and been able to re-gain work/life balance so that they can have quality time with their child.

Their results have benefitted the two key roles in their life: their career and motherhood - presenting with conviction to their company’s Executive Board, succeeded in getting job promotions, being selected for high-profile projects and overall, being a happier, more fulfilled person.

You too should expect:

  • More confidence and clarity on your personal brand, your purpose and clear direction for the year

  • Exemplary presentation skills, have gravitas and command authority, know your elevator pitch and key messages; negotiation and interview preparation skills

  • A happier, calmer Mum / woman who enjoys work/life balance

  • Know how to do a Compressed Work Week so you can keep accelerating your career and have time with your family.

How long does it take?

My aim is for you to get quick results and transformation from the first time we speak. For one of my typical coaching programs, this is usually eight face-to-face hours (currently via Zoom) and can be done as a full day, tailored to you workshop, or one hour per fortnight. We determine the approach dependent upon your situation and time. Sometimes we can cover what you need in 2hrs in my ‘Power Hour’ 2hr one-off session.

What do your clients say?

I have multiple 5 Star Google reviews. You can also view testimonials which are throughout my website. You can also read some of my client case studies on my blog.

How much does it cost?

My online Masterclasses start at £35 (around AUD$60); bespoke coaching starts at £1,300 and up to £5,800 for bespoke one-to-one coaching programs where I am available after hours to support you and I write your presentations, speeches or LinkedIn articles. If you look at similar Executive coaches, who just coach you on your career, then these typically range from £2,000 to £8,000. I also have the advantage of having recently returned to a corporate job with a young baby. I understand the challenges, demands and your aspirations.

As further background, my fees vary upon the length of your program, whether you want bespoke one to one sessions and any other special requirements. Any program is an investment in you - so that you can achieve your potential and in return, you have my commitment, focus and dedication.

What will my coaching plan look like?

Together we create your coaching plan based your current situation and goals and on my recommendations and advice, based on my previous clients and what I know works.

Can I get my work to pay?

Yes. I can either invoice your employer, or you can expense it. Many businesses are willing to invest in their employees and I can support you with relevant documents to make this request straightforward.