Podcast: The Parent Hood

The parent hood podcast

I was thrilled to appear on an episode of Marina Fogle’s The Parent Hood podcast in December last year, talking all things flexible work. There was a great response from listeners, and I created an exclusive guide that will be given to attendees of Marina’s Bump Classes, which outlines how to return to work following maternity leave.

I have now made this guide available to all for free – you can download your copy here.

The guides include a range of advice, including how to boost confidence and how to negotiate flexible work, plus a return to work countdown from 12 weeks – which I’ve included here below.

Return To Work Countdown:

12 weeks – Start to negotiate your flexible work arrangements.

11 weeks – Take some special photos with you and your little one to store in your phone.

10 weeks – Consider doing a KIT Day or arrange them as part of a phased return (you can do 10 per year).

9 weeks – Get in touch with your manager to discuss your return and any updates across your role, team, key stakeholders  or department.

8 weeks – Start doing affirmations or power poses every week to boost your confidence before you return.

7 weeks – Consider the boundaries you’d like to set. If you used to work late often, perhaps you are willing to work late one night/week, but not other nights.

6 weeks – Do something nourishing for you like booking in a massage or yoga class followed by a coffee with a friend.

5 weeks – Book in a babysitter or family member to look after your little one to have a ‘date night’ with your partner either before your return or within 3 months after.

4 weeks – Organise your work wardrobe with 4-5 work outfits that help you to feel confident.

3 weeks – Consider your weekly schedule – how you can fit in some exercise or mindfulness so that improve your resilience and reduce stress and burnout.

2 weeks – Do journalling or a walk to think about how you are separating physically from your little one. It’s a huge life change so give yourself time to process this and validate your emotions.

1 week – Do something special or fun as a family. Celebrate how far you’ve come on your maternity leave and create moments to look back on when you are in the midst of the juggle! Remember to take some photos!

If you’re soon returning to work from maternity leave, or have returned in the last 18 months, my Return To Work With Confidence Programme will help you transition back into your career with your best foot forward. It’s the information I wish I had when I returned to a busy job in banking in 2019. The course is designed so you can progress at your own pace; lessons are less than 15 minutes in length, and you canwatch them anytime, anywhere.

Listen to my appearance on The Parent Hood podcast below – I hope it might help any of you considering flexible working.