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My Compressed Work Week Guide

Are you wondering about whether a Compressed Work Week is for you? Want to hear how I did it in my corporate job and other women do it?

Download my 7 page guide, which contains:

  • The top 3 misconceptions about doing a Compressed Work Week
  • My 3 tips for negotiating a Compressed Work Week
  • Hear from Rebecca Hickman who does a 9 day fortnight at Transport For London (TfL)
  • Hear my views on why this will be the biggest flexible work trend in 2021.
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About you

Are you in a similar position to what I was, returning from mat leave to a full time role, and wondering how you will juggle your family and career?; or

Are you yet to go on mat leave, but want to negotiate a Compressed Work Week now?; or

Are you tired of doing your part time role - where every week you work 5 days, when your role is actually 4 days and now you want to be paid for it, but still have a day off to have with your child / care for an elderly parent?

These are the most common queries and concerns that I hear from women about flexible work. Do these resonate with you too?

I am the only women’s coach who offers this training program globally. I’ve done a Compressed Work Week in my corporate job - I did it when I returned from mat leave - and now I’m connected with other women and organisations that do it / offer it.

Apply now to the next program - this program is only offered 4 times per year and is offered to 8 participants - spaces are limited.

About the program

The Women's Vault's Compressed Work Week Program gives you the tools and knowledge to accelerate your career, have quality family time and keep your full time salary. All it takes is Six Steps.

  • Learn how to successfully do a compressed working week. Even if you've already negotiated this flexible way of working, this is only the first step of successfully doing a compressed week in the short and long term.

  • Hear from guest speakers who do it, how I did it in my demanding corporate job and be part of a community of like-minded women.

  • Gain even more career success and enjoy work/life balance.

  • Be a calm and present Mum / woman, a role model for your little one and more confident. Prevent burnout, exhaustion and stress.

  • Spaces are extremely limited to 8 participants in the group. All lessons are done online via Zoom for 1hr/week.

This is the first and only Compressed Work Week program available globally.

Who's it for?
  • Professional women who want to learn how to successfully do a Compressed Work Week, gaining balance, flexibility and maintaining their salary

  • Those doing a 4 day week role, but frequently working the equivalent of 5 days/ full time and now want to do a Compressed Work Week so that they are financially compensated, whilst still having flexibility and one day per week with their child

  • Professional new Mums returning from mat leave; or those who want to negotiate a Compressed Work Week before mat leave

  • Professional women who have caring responsibilities, such as elderly parents

  • Organisations / HR Managers who want to offer this program to their employees

What's included?
  • 6 weeks of 1 hr group coaching sessions (via Zoom)

  • 20mins of 1:1 time with Olivia on a topic of your choice, such as preparing for your Negotiation or Personal Brand

  • Guest speaker who currently does a Compressed Work Week - hear their experiences

  • A workbook containing all program worksheets; readings and articles

  • A Template proposal for your Boss / HR Manager to Negotiate a Compressed Work Week

  • Rehearsal guide for your Negotiation - extremely successful for my clients

  • Private Facebook Group with other like-minded Mums and an ongoing community of support Email access to Olivia between sessions.


Previous participants say they love it

I have supported women who work at companies including Deloitte, through to medium and small businesses to negotiate and then do a Compressed Work Week, even when it’s not company policy.

Find out more about my programs and how I may be able to help you too.

Hear from women who I have helped and further details on my Six Steps to doing a Compressed Work Week successfully.

  • 100% of program participants recommend it
  • 100% have benefitted from meeting with other like-minded professional women
  • Most popular lessons: Hearing from guest speaker (who does a Compressed Work Week at Transport for London); Personal Brand; and Boundary Setting


What is a Compressed Work Week?

It is a type of flexible working. It means to compress or condense your hours. Typically it is working a full time, 5 day per week role in 4 days; or it can be a 9 day fortnight. If you’re interested in the pros and cons, you can read this blog post.

Who’s this program for?
  • Professional new Mums on mat leave or back at work already

  • Women with caring responsibilities such as elderly parents

  • Women who want to do it as a flexible work choice

  • Anyone who has already negotiated a Compressed Work Week and wants the tools to know how to do it.

How do I apply?

Spaces are extremely limited, there are only 8 places in each group and the program is done quarterly.  Last time over 50 women applied. The next program commences in mid-March 2021.

If you would like to do the program accelerated and 1:1 with me, please click the button below to book in a time to chat to me.

I've already negotiated a Compressed Work Week, why should I do this?

Great, negotiating is the first step in the process. This program teaches you how to do it, and continue to succeed in your job and enjoy work/life balance. I give you the tools and introduce you to other like-minded women who are do it. Click here to read my LinkedIn articles on Compressed Work Weeks.

I'm not sure if I will be able to negotiate it - should I sign up?

Yes. I give you tried and tested methods and have enabled women to negotiate a Compressed Work Week even if it's not company policy - see my Google reviews. You also learn valuable skills for any working Mum: negotiation techniques, personal brand, boundary setting and more.

What happens after I apply?

I will respond to your application (usually within 72hrs). We will then do a call to discuss the program, I'll answer your questions and arrange payment.

Can I get my work to contribute to this training?

Yes, there are a lot of professional and personal development components. If you require an invoice then I can create one for you.

Is it just for Mums?

It's for women who want to do this flexible work arrangement, whether you've got a child/ren, elderly parents or want to work in this way now and the rest of your career! It is soon being offered to organisations.

Where is it taking place?

All lessons are delivered via Zoom so you can be located anywhere! The workbook, materials and homework exercises can all be done digitally. Workbook also available in a wire-bound, colour printed.

What time are the lessons?

In the evenings, commencing at 7:45pm GMT or 7:45pm AEST.

Can I also work with Olivia 1:1 alongside or after the program?

Yes, please get in touch, click here.

I am an employer and interested in you speaking to our company about a Compressed Work Week and / or would like to discuss offering this program to employees.

Thank you for your interest and support! Please click here.