Why Coaching?

There’s a women in leadership drought: organisations are losing current and future female talent (often when they take maternity leave). 

Women are leaving jobs that used to excite and fulfil them, organisations are losing their diversity of talent, our societies and economies are suffering as a result.

  • 75% of women experience imposter Syndrome: this can be overcome with coaching.
  • 79% of women lack confidence at work: coaching helps women gain confidence to strive for promotion.
What we offer

Coaching Programmes

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The Confidence and Career Accelerator: For mid to senior level professionals

Enable your female talent to take their career to the next level by overcoming their barriers, challenges and continue accelerating with clarity and confidence. This program is for companies that want to invest in their female employees and for individuals that want a secret weapon for personal and professional growth.
Assisting mother with work

The Motherhood and Career Method: From maternity leave to being a working parent

Support the women in your workplace to navigate one of the most challenging periods of their career. Less than one in five women feel confident in returning to work. Our careers are typically 'stalled' for the first five years after returning. The Motherhood and Career Method is for women in busy roles and are juggling a young family.
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Bespoke Coaching: For any stage of your career

Do you have a specific goal in mind? Are you wanting support around taking on a big change to your role, such as managing new team, leading through change, interview preparation, or support on flexible working? Get in touch about my bespoke services.

How it works

Look at the three coaching options above and consider which might be best for you: if you’re looking for guidance, email Olivia Bath directly for advice on how best she can support you, or women within your company (please allow 2-3 working days for response)

Video Testimonial

Watch our video testimonial from Sam, who signed up for The Women’s Vault coaching services to support her career progression. 


What they say

Testimonials from clients past and present

Melissa Stellino

Simply put Olivia is amazing! Prior to my return to work I was riddled with anxiety. Thanks to Olivia's coaching, I negotiated flexible work whilst having the confidence to excel in my career. Prior to coaching, my concern was managing work and family. I'm now more productive at work and have time to be present with my son. Her coaching helped me to achieve all of this and more.


I’ve secured a 20% payrise, am working towards a new role and continually receive positive feedback about my presentation skills. I feel so valued and the work I’ve done with Olivia has helped me to be so much more confident. I will continue to come back to the tools and techniques she has shared.

Megan G.

Olivia is my go-to coach on all things business and working motherhood. She is truly gifted in her abilities and expertise, and is a kindhearted and generous soul. I feel very lucky to be able to call on Olivia on an ongoing basis for whatever coaching I may need. I also don’t believe I would have gotten my dream job without her.

Katie Hynard

I secured a new role that puts me on a path to being a senior leader. I couldn't have done it if The Women's Vault hadn't tee'd me up to challenge my stakeholders and articulate my aspirations. Olivia helped reignite a fire in my belly after motherhood knocked me for six: I've never known myself to have this level of confidence. I'm a firm believer in women needing supporters to help us find inner belief - Olivia is that for me.

What our clients achieve

Secure dream jobs

... or long-hoped for promotions, securing more senior roles and salary.

Pay rises

... of up to 25% plus bonuses, which helps level up women's salaries and create more gender balance in pay.

Flexible working

... allowing women more time at home, without compromising salary, and staying in work.

Be more strategic

... learn how to lead better, which results to more effective teams and better business outcomes.

Become confident speakers

... delivering career-defining presentations and speeches.

Return to work

... after maternity leave or career break with a clear personal brand that's resulted in better opportunities.

Ready to take the next step?

Contact us below: please allow 2-3 working days for a response and check your spam, too

Who is our coaching for?

  • Mid to senior level women in a variety of  industries (law, finance, marketing, healthcare, to name a few).
  • Women working in male-dominated industries.
  • Women who are passionate and want to do well in their corporate career, but need guidance on how to progress.
  • Women returning from a career break or maternity leave, who may need support with confidence, flexible work requests or guidance on how to juggle work/family life.
  • Women suffering from Imposter Syndrome, who want to overcome this to feel more confidence in the workplace.

The benefits of coaching


Working women lack confidence: coaching can change this...

Frequently Asked Questions.

Please take a moment to review the questions below before completing the enquiry form.

If you find any of your questions aren’t answered, please send an email and allow for 2-3 working days’ response time:

Thank You. 

For my coaching programnes, it is usually six sessions of 50 minutes via Zoom/Teams. These sessions are completed fortnightly or monthly. Our sessions will be booked in at the start of our coaching. 

Our coaching sessions, follow-up notes after your coaching which may include further materials and resources. I often recommend my digital courses or Masterclasses to complete alongside coaching for the best results. You also have access to me via email between coaching sessions.

My coaching programs for individuals start at £1,500 and for corporate organisations at £2,250.

You come prepared with an objective or area that you would like to focus on. I use my coaching, NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) frameworks and background in CEO advisory to help you to arrive at a solution or a new perspective. We agree on actions and next steps. It is important to note that coaching is about growth, development and achieving goals. It is not therapy.

Yes. If you aren’t satisfied, then I ask my clients to get in touch straightaway so that we can resolve any concerns.  You are offered a full refund after your first session.

Depending on my waitlist, I may be able to start straightaway. Please complete the enquiry form if you're ready to start coaching and I will be in touch within 2-3 working days. We will then arrange a time to discuss coaching and may be able to commence within 1-2 weeks.

At the conclusion of coaching, we will reflect upon your original objectives for coaching and what you have achieved against these. We will assess where you at the start of coaching compared to where you are at today personally and professionally. For organisations, a report can be provided upon request.

Yes, I have completed my coaching qualifications. Further details can be provided upon request.

Sitting on the fence? That's an uncomfortable spot to be...

If coaching isn't right for you (it isn't for everyone), and you'd like to explore DIY options, head to the courses page