The Women's Vault

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

helping women succeed in their careers & have work / life balance

Hi there, I’m Olivia, Founder of The Women’s Vault.

I specialise in coaching women in mid to senior level roles, or provide support on how to enter these roles, bringing over 15 years’ experience of advising CEOs and Executives in high pressed environments, including media.

I bring this experience and expertise to my clients, along with being a full-time working parent doing compressed hours.

To my clients, I am their Strategic Advisor - helping them to succeed in their careers and have work/life balance.

The work that I do with my clients enables them to be happier and more successful at work, without the stress, exhaustion and burnout. Because life’s too short not to enjoy it, right?

My clients work at top organisations in the UK, USA and Australia. I am able to provide coaching to individuals and to organisations.

recent clients success:
  • 20% pay increase and an exciting new role
  • Dream job after 28 rejected job applications
  • Headhunted for dream job with the confidence to do the interviews
  • Nailing pitch to become Partner in their law firm
  • Dream job at a company they’ve always aspired to work at
  • A successful return to work into a high-profile and senior position

ISE Partners partnered with Olivia/The Women’s Vault to provide a series of seven Masterclasses to our client and candidate network. Olivia is an expert presenter with engaging and relevant and what's more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety in her Masterclasses. Audience members feel happy to share thoughts and ask questions. We look forward to continuing our partnership.

Eva Rode-Hilbert, Director at ISE Partners

The Women's Vault helped me "find my voice and my brand". Co-workers say I returned a different person, more confident and strong-willed. I have since been offered the dream job after nailing the interviews. I don't think I would have had the confidence before.

Sinead, Business Development Manager, Brodies Law Firm

In my biggest career step, my interview for Partnership [of my Law Firm], I was calm, confident and able to deliver a presentation I never dreamed was possible, thanks to Olivia.

Anonymous Client, Partner, Signature Litigation Firm

Olivia helped me realise what a 'powerhouse' I was and communicate my effectiveness to new employers, securing a role which I thought was completely out of my reach.

Siobhan Kangaratan, Diversity & Inclusion Manager

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How does it work?

We start off with a free, no obligation call so I can get to know you and understand the challenges you are facing. This could be wanting more confidence at work so that you can continue to progress your career, or something specific like support preparing for key messages in a presentation or a job interview.

Once we’ve spoken I’ll advise on a tailored plan that enables you to get the best results, based on what has proven success for my clients.

This will include an outline of how often we need to meet to get the results that you're looking for, how I will support you throughout this time and the investment. In some cases, I may advise a different course of action, or even not working together.

What results should I expect?

Create a life that you want - for many women that I work with, that’s ‘having it all’ - including a successful career and life outside of work, such as raising a family, I give you the tools, resources and knowledge to do this in the short and long term.

What’s included?

My advice and counsel in our 1:1 sessions including my preparation for these; a complimentary LinkedIn or CV review; reviews of your work, such as an important presentation; access to my networks and connections; and administration.

For my high end clients, I write one speech; presentation; or a LinkedIn article for them to build their platform and profile - along with rehearsal and preparation techniques - exactly what I used to do at one of Australia’s top 4 banks.

How long does it take?

It depends upon the program, I always provide an outline of how long it will take, depending upon the situation and the deadlines you have such as a specific presentation or job interview. A typical program usually lasts 6-12 weeks. We meet either fortnightly or weekly. Or you may do a one-off session.

What if I don't have time to do coaching, but I know it will benefit me?

In some cases I am able to provide coaching sessions at evenings, either on a Tuesday or Wednesday after 7pm (UK).

Can I get my work to pay for some?

Yes. I can either invoice your employer, or you can expense it. Many businesses are willing to invest in their employees and I can support you with relevant documents to make this request straightforward.

I think I want your support, but I'm not sure if I can afford it, where is a good place to start?

Book a chat and we may be able to arrange something, like a split payment, or maternity leave prices. A lot of coaches don't offer this, but I always will always try to make it work if I know I can help you. Please don't be shy - reach out and listen to your intuition about getting the support you need and deserve.

What is the investment?

Every 1:1 program is personal and based on your situation and how you develop so investments do vary. Bespoke coaching programs start at £1,300 and up to £5,000, which includes out-of-hours access so I am on call for your challenges. This also includes coaching on presentation skills; and I will also write presentations and speeches for you, acting as your Communications Advisor.

If you are on maternity leave, I offer a reduced rate. Please get in touch for more. A one-off session is £120.