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Last year, I was commissioned by Harper’s Bazaar to write a feature entitled “Why You Need a Career Coach.

It gave me the time and headspace to really ponder the benefits and results that I so enjoy seeing working with clients – the women who get their flexible working requests accepted following multiple rejections; the client who finally gets the pay rise she’s long deserved, but not known how to pursue; or those that gain the confidence to set boundaries in the workplace and achieve elusive work/life balance. 

So why should you use a career coach? I often hear the same worries from prospective clients – ‘How will I know if it works?’, ‘I’m already so busy, how will I fit this in?’, ‘Is it really going to make that much of a difference?’ – all concerns I understand and empathise with. 

Coaching could be the answer if you are looking for extra support, and haven’t known where to turn:  often when I speak with new clients, I see how a weight is lifted from their shoulders because their concerns and challenges are issues that I help women to overcome everyday, whether it be dealing with mum guilt, juggling a demanding job and a family, negotiating a flexible work request or keeping up momentum in their career.

High level results

  • My clients have achieved up to a 35% payrise, plus bonuses, within 12 months of us working together
  • The majority secure exciting new roles or opportunities within 12 months and in as a little as a few weeks of having worked with me
  • Every client that has requested or renegotiated compressed hours has had their request accepted after working with me
  • 100% of my clients say that they feel more confident having worked with me.

Some more of the details of what my clients have been able to achieve having worked recently: 

  1. 20% pay rise and a dream role leading a new Department.
  2. 10% pay rise – my client said: “There’s no way I would have got this level of pay rise without Olivia’s support”.
  3. Secured flexible working arrangements, including being the first in their global company to now be doing a compressed work week – multiple examples.
  4. Career change, including securing a new dream job with an opportunity to move countries, which my client is thrilled about. They had 28 job applications declined prior to working with me.
  5. New job after an extended career break with great benefits. 
  6. Regained confidence after returning from maternity leave, now preparing for a significant promotion with global accountabilities across US and UK.
  7. Appointed Partner in their law firm. 
  8. Secured a new role at a top law firm – my client said: “I had just completed coaching with Olivia when the headhunter contacted me. I would have never had the confidence to explore this opportunity had I not worked with Olivia. I now have my dream job.”
  9. Negotiating a 30-35% pay increase and a new role. We have been developing the business case on the new role job description and remuneration details.
  10. Overcome challenges like imposter syndrome, Mum guilt, lack of confidence, juggling work and family and they are now thriving at work and home!

Funding your coaching

There are many ways that the women I work with fund their coaching:

  1. They self-fund all of their coaching as an investment in both their life and career.
  2. They part-fund their coaching with a mixture of their company contributing some, and they contribute some to make up the investment (I’m not at all concerned how this is split, I can provide advice on what works well).
  3. Their company pays for all of my coaching, either through a formal agreement with me, or through an invoice I provide. 

Next steps: 

Fill out this form to apply for one-to-one coaching: I will assess your needs and requirements and be in touch for next steps (please allow 48 hours). Limited spots available, so do apply now.

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About The Women’s Vault

The Women’s Vault is all about helping you to become the most confident and best version of you – whatever that looks like for you. 

I provide career and life coaching to individual women and organisations, as well as workshops and training. Typically the women I work with globally are in a mid to senior level and often in industries including Banking and Finance, Law (both in-house and practice), Technology/ eCommerce and Healthcare. The organisations they work at include: Amazon, the NHS, PwC, Transurban, Anglo-American Mining. I specialise in flexible working practices, including helping clients to negotiate the flexible work they want. I’ve featured on podcasts and been published in the press on these topics.

Click here to read some of my Google Reviews, or also on my blog you can see some case studies.

About Me

Hello! It’s lovely to meet you, I’m Olivia, Founder of The Women’s Vault and an award-winning communications specialist. I am Mum to George (he’s three) and am from Sydney, Australia originally, but now live in London with my husband and George. We love to travel, be outdoors and drink good coffee. We also often visit my in-laws in France and so if you see me on Instagram taking photos of cheese, the countryside and walking the dog with George then we are there! 

If you want to chat then you can either DM me on Instagram (lots of women do) or email me at

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