An example of burnout that should not be ignored

Tips to prevent burnout:

  • Manage your energy. Make sure you book in regular breaks particularly after busy periods at work or home – organise these breaks before this busy period, not after
  • Try to exercise regularly – try booking in a quick run or walk during work hours – a 20 min brisk walk can really help your mindset, resilience and you’ll be even more productive with all of the oxygen and endorphins pumping around your body
  • Try to meditate or do deep breathing once per day. Doing deep breathing can change your body’s physiology, reducing cortisol and adrenaline in your system
  • Learn how to set boundaries – see my previous post on this
  • Book one to two additional day’s leave with any public holiday, so you get a 4 or 5 day break – this can do wonders for you mind and body
  • If you feel you are exhausted, “running on empty”, or are lacking interest in things you usually enjoy, you may be heading for burnout. Take a day’s sick leave, go for a long walk (preferably without your phone), or get a babysitter for a few hours so you can focus on you. Remember to share how you are feeling with your spouse or loved one.

How to re-charge after burnout:

  • Consider a “cleanse” or re-boot your diet and exercise. Too much caffeine, alcohol and sugar can have significant impacts, including not allowing your body to have restful, REM sleep. You may be experiencing the feeling of being “tired but wired”.
  • Take a digital detox for a full day – turn your phone off and put it in a draw. Instead try to be “present” do things like exercise, reading a book, mindfully making a cup of tea, jumping on the trampoline with your kids. All humans find it difficult to be idle, if you’re feeling anxious or agitated, that’s normal. Keep bringing yourself back to the present moment.
  • Reassess your goals – consider if you have too many goals, or if you’re trying to push yourself too hard. They may need to be adjusted. You’re only human.
  • Most importantly, rest. If you need to sleep, or lie in bed with a book, then do it.