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The Women’s Vault was established with the social purpose to help more women accelerate their careers into leadership roles, including guiding professional women when returning to work after maternity leave/career break, enabling women to overcome Imposter Syndrome, advising on issues such as diminished confidence and guiding working parents on how to cope with the juggle.

We work with women individually, and partner with other experts to deliver larger workplace programmes.

What does The Women’s Vault mean? To gain the tools, resources and knowledge to ‘spring forward’ into a more positive future; where women can share their challenges and joys in a safe community and confidential place.


Meet Olivia Bath

Olivia delivering a speech on Imposter Syndrome at a creative agency (London Branding Photos)

Returning to work after maternity leave, I underestimated how hard it would be.

If you’re here, I’m guessing you can relate. I didn’t expect to love being a Mum so much and wasn’t prepared to feel torn between my baby and a career I loved. I constantly felt in conflict, wishing I could be in two places at once – at home with George and at the same time, in the office, doing my job.

On top of this, I’d returned to a bigger role, which I was doing in compressed hours and had terrible sleep deprivation.

I didn’t have clear boundaries as I was so used to being available for work; I also didn’t expect my confidence to take a dive. I felt like an imposter, not meeting my expectations at work or as a mother.

As the months continued I saw that my experience and being torn between family and career were far from unique.

I could see an undercurrent of stress, anxiety, grit, exhaustion, frustration and a feeling of being taken for granted amongst so many other women. Of having to look like a “happy perfect Mum”, when this was far from how we felt.

After nearly hitting rock bottom, I decided to take charge

One particularly challenging day, when I didn’t have the confidence to say no to a last-minute meeting request on my day off in the middle of breastfeeding (with no childcare and a six-month baby) I realised something had to change.

I decided to take back control, figuring out how to advocate for myself and feel more confident doing so. The strategies and tools I use now forms the basis of the work I do with professional women globally.

And that’s how The Women’s Vault was born. My mission is to to help more women into leadership roles, including helping professional women return to work after maternity leave/career breaks and opening up diversity and inclusion communications within organisations to facilitate change.

My coaching and training methods work successfully for women in corporate jobs.

I’ve now taught this method to hundreds of women – because I know exactly what it’s like to lack confidence, not know how to set or communicate boundaries and feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Today I work with women individually and within organisations across the world at all different stages of their career on things such as Imposter Syndrome and confidence, boundary setting, negotiation (from pay rises to flexible work), personal brand and profiling and presentation skills.

I am regularly asked to speak at forums and events on these topics.

In my former corporate life, I managed corporate communications for publicly listed companies in Australia and the UK, including multiple household name brands: Kellogg’s, Bank of America, Barclays, Westpac Banking Corporation & Australian Federal Government Departments. If you’d like me to speak at your event, or Women’s Network, get in touch via my Contact page.

Right now I live in London with my son, George and husband, Peter.

Photo of a mother and child at school

Olivia with her son George

Olivia's Podcast Appearances

Eva Rode-Hilbert
Eva Rode-HilbertDirector, ISE Partners
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Olivia is an expert presenter, her content is always engaging and what's more, she creates a very special sense of connection and safety in her Masterclasses, where audience members feel happy to share thoughts and questions with strangers all of which have combined to make the sessions so useful for our attendees
Alana Barry
Alana BarryGlobal Campaigns Team and Co-Chair, Women’s Network
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The Women’s Vault workshops were informative, engaging and really well received by employees. The popularity of the workshops was such that they were highlighted by our chief people officer. The content resonated with the issues our colleagues are facing, and Olivia was an excellent facilitator. She was involved when she needed to be and stepped back to let people talk as much as they needed to.
SarahDirector, Nene Valley Heritage Railway
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I attended the Negotiation Skills Masterclass, which I found very interesting. I used the tools to successfully negotiate a flexible work arrangement that suits me, meaning I have valuable time with my son, work/life balance and still progress my career. I absolutely 100% recommend The Women’s Vault.

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If you’re keen to learn more about any of our services, or unsure what might be right for you or your company, please contact Olivia Bath directly (email response within 2-3 working days) and do check your spam!

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