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I’m Olivia Bath, Founder of The Women’s Vault

Established with the social purpose to help more women into leadership roles, including helping professional women return to work after maternity leave / career break.

I create helpful and practical content, programmes and offer coaching to women and businesses to accelerate their careers and achieve work/life balance.

I underestimated how hard it would be

My mission started when I returned to work from maternity leave in early 2019, I returned to a bigger role, did it in a ‘Compressed Work Week’ and had terrible sleep deprivation, thanks to George, who barely slept for more than a few hours at a time.

I really struggled in the beginning, I didn’t expect to love being a Mum so much and wasn’t prepared to feel so ‘torn’ between my baby and career that I loved. I constantly felt in conflict and wish that I had a way to be in two places at once - at home with George and at the same time, in the office, doing my job.

I didn’t have clear boundaries as I was so used to being available for work; I also didn’t expect my confidence to go up and down constantly (in part due to sleep deprivation) and the idea of returning to a bigger role was fine on paper, but in reality, and with a young baby, it was tough.

After nearly hitting rock bottom, I decided to take charge
One particularly challenging day, which you can read about on my blog, I’d had enough of the ‘juggling act’ and I decided to take back control, which has since become my ‘6 Pillars to Thrive’ in your personal and professional life. My ‘6 Pillars’ include: Confidence, Resilience, Personal Brand, Productivity, Community and Wellbeing and they form the basis of the work that I do with professional women globally.
My coaching methods successfully work with women working in corporate jobs

I’ve now taught this method to hundreds of women - because I know exactly what it’s like to lack confidence, not know how to set or communicate boundaries and feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted.

Today I work with women all around the world at all different stages of their career on things such as confidence, boundary setting, negotiation (from pay rises to flexible work), personal brand and profiling, changing careers, interview preparation, presentation preparation and how to do Compressed Work Weeks.

I am regularly asked to speak at forums and events on these topics

In my former corporate life, I managed corporate communications for publicly listed companies in Australia and the UK, including multiple household name brands, including Kellogg’s, Bank of America, Barclays, Westpac Banking Corporation & Australian Federal Government Departments.

Right now I live in London with my son, George and husband, Peter.

Qualifications at a glance
  • 15 years advising CEOs and Executives in Financial Services
  • 6 years experience of being on Leadership Teams
  • Leadership Secondment to Alice Springs, Australia: Improve Banking Services to Indigenous Australians
  • Awards: University Scholarship; numerous internal awards
  • NLP: Advanced Diploma in Progress; "How to Coach with NLP - Stage 1" completed.
  • Awaiting application for MPhil/PhD at Birkbeck University, Organisational Psychology; Bachelor’s Degree

Biography: For Media and Speaking Engagements

Olivia Bath is an Executive Advisor, Communications Specialist and Founder of The Women’s Vault helping to create more women in leadership and employee wellbeing programmes alongside businesses. Olivia provides one to one coaching, group coaching and corporate workshops, on topics including returning to work, confidence, negotiation, personal brand and compressed work weeks. She has written feature articles for publications including Grazia UK, Motherdom, Global Banking & Finance. Olivia has delivered workshops to companies in the UK and Australia and her clients work at at companies including Deloitte, Amazon, NHS, Nuffield Health, Knight Frank and large law firms.

Previously, Olivia was a Communications & Media Advisor to CEOs and Executives in publicly listed Financial Services companies, including one of Australia’s top 4 banks.

So how can I help you today?

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